Let's Talk About #COVID-19 #Coronavirus - Global Pandemic

Let's Talk About #COVID-19 #Coronavirus - Global Pandemic

First, PLEASE don't refer to it just as #Coronavirus because there are FOUR PRIMARY TYPES (alpha, beta, gamma, and delta) of the Coronavirus and within those types, only SEVEN versions of it usually infect humans. FOUR of those seven human versions are actually common in humans (229E, NL63, OC43, and HKU1).

Sometimes a Coronavirus (CoV) that originates in an animal will spread to humans. This new COVID-19 is one of them, but you've probably also heard of SARS-CoV, and MERS-CoV which also originated in a different species. This new one is the most deadly. 

A virus also mutates. COVID-19 was transferred to humans in China. It was NOT made in a laboratory! Before it was contained in China, it had already mutated into two types of COVID-19. Once more people get tested, we may find that number of mutations increase.  We don't have enough test kits to know who has it yet, but you can safely assume it is everywhere now. The virus has now spread globally, and is already in every state in the USA. Since it can be spread while the patient is asymptomatic (not showing any sign of sickness or symptoms) we can't just test the sick people. We must get EVERYBODY tested as soon as possible.

This virus is tiny, so wearing surgical masks might stop large droplets but they won't actually stop the virus. SO STOP BUYING MASKS unless you're already infected! The blue layer (outside of the mask) is a liquid barrier that keeps droplets out, and the white layer (inner part towards your face) is an absorbent layer in case you sneeze or cough. They'll keep you from spreading disease, but won't really keep you from getting one. Even an expensive N-95 mask is only 95% effective, but this virus is too small to be effectively filtered 100%.

The best prevention strategy is to constantly wash your hands vigorously with soap. Most of the hand sanitizers are made of mostly aloe vera and don't contain enough alcohol to kill this virus. If it is below 60% alcohol, then it won't help!

Since there is so much misinformation going around, I'll always try to provide you with scientific resources. You should verify EVERYTHING yourself and don't trust anything on social media.

Source: CDC


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